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University of Tasmania
School of Education


Information and Communication Technology

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Monday 9am

Introduction and obtaining computer/Internet access passwords. E-mail.

Monday 10am

Discussion session - “What are the ways in which pupils can use computers in compulsory education?”

Monday 2pm

Practical session - Speech recognition in Word 2003/Scanners and digital cameras/Music with Noteworthy Composer/Burning CDs. Key Question 1

Tuesday 10am

Discussion session - “Approaches to problem solving”

Tuesday 2pm

Practical session - Robotics/Logo/Special needs & ICT/Making a web-site/FrontPage. Key Question 2

Wednesday 10am

Discussion session – Communications and Netmeeting

Wednesday 2pm

Practical session – Video editing/Software downloading and evaluation/Reserve software/courseware evaluation. Key Question 3

Thursday 10am

Discussion session – “The Internet as a resource and digital resource materials in the classroom”.

Thursday 2pm

Practical session – Free and Open Source software. Key Question 4

Friday 10am

Discussion session – “Independent Learning and ICT”.

Friday 2pm

Practical session – Software demonstrations



Additional materials


Discussion Powerpoints






Australian Council for Computers in Education policy paper

Unit Outline