HTML demo for HTML and CAL support group.

the URL of this page is:

1. Student access to the web can be easy - Group 1 - the planets.

2. Some students become proficient - Belinda Griffiths page etc.

3. The Faculty is moving generally towards using the server and web: Faculty Home page

Note the Staff home pages (though with Netscape Communications Server we couldn't put more than 50 virtual links in).

And the distribution of Course Materials

Primitive - CU-HTMLArt
Scanned (Security problems)Curriculum and Assessment
CU-HTML and hand convertedComputing
SkilledCore Education Studies 2

4. Feedback can be supplied by using cgi's - John Andrius - Power Technology Quiz - Perl scripting behind the scenes. Moving towards ShockWave.

5. Clicking into other activities - MOO and CU-SeeMe

For further details - email me: